Who Shares a Friend Holds a Treasure

Splitci App

Are you planning a trip with your friends?
Create a Travel Group and share your expenses there!
You can use Splitci for tickets, hotels, dinners and much more...
Enjoy your trip, Splitci will take care of your expenses!!

Your friend's birthday is coming up soon?
You can use Splitci to make a Birthday Gift Group and split the cost of the present with your friends
Splitci will take care of having everyone pay you back!!!

Do you often play futsal with your friends and sometimes you leave the wallet at home?
You can ask to a teammate to pay for you and add the expense on Splitci
Thanks to Splitci everyone gets paid back

Do you have roomates and everyday you have shared bills, rent, grocery shopping, dinners...?
Now you can stop writing all the amounts on the fridge's magnetic board and let Splitci to track down yuor expenses


Splitci is the results of passion and friendship. During a trip in Israel Daniele and Michele were tracking all their shared expenses using a paper notebook, then transferring the data on an excel spreadsheet to do the math
Back in Italy they realised that tracking shared expenses was a real and common issue. Everyday everyone has shared expenses: roommates, dinner with friends, the rugby team, colleagues, travelling...
For fun, they then started to create the beta version of Splitci - an App who combine an Excel spreadsheet to a paper notebook to track daily shared expenses - and they suddenly realised what are their friends real needs and necessities. People want to have an easy and quick app to use everyday and everywhere to share expenses, having the possibility to make it in a social way, chatting within the groups, and maybe directly using it to pay back debits. They now are fully involved in the project, trying to improve Splitci and make it match your needs.

Splitci is free

Download Splitci now and start sharing your expenses

Available on iPhone and Android